As the range of products that Jannatec offers continues to grow, so does our ability to support these products and ensure success in implementation. We pride ourselves on providing service when and where our clients need it in order to ensure our products are not only successfully implemented, but also successfully adopted.

Jannatec worked with Vale to build the working alone system currently used called Safety Trak and this was developed to take all of Vale protocols into consideration. Finally, Jannatec has implemented our JAWS proximity detection system at the 6 Vale Sudbury operations and necessary support must be provided on various fronts to ensure this system continues to function each day.


Whenever products that are vital to operations are sold to a mining operation, it is imperative that these products are serviced and maintained to ensure little to no effect on operations. Jannatec provides radio communications infrastructure, radio communications hardware and safety systems such as our all 6 Vale Sudbury Operations, and as such we must provide support for this equipment, at times immediate if necessary. A mine cannot operate without functional communications and as such we need to ensure that we are ready and available at a minute’s notice to assist in installation or repair of this infrastructure as shutting down the operation is never an acceptable solution. In addition to communications infrastructure, the actual hardware must also be maintained to ensure all workers have functioning radio communications.


Jannatec continues to work with Vale operations to enhance the services we provide, and we have worked to implement a service contract that covers all aspects of the products and services that we offer which include but is not limited to:

  • Service of more than 3000 G3T radio cap lamps at Sudbury Operations which includes tracking and proximity detection tags
  • Service/maintenance of the JAWS proximity detection system
  • Training on all hardware and products
  • Support of the Safety Trak working alone platform
  • Sales and support of all Motorola radio equipment
  • All mines have incorporated our ORFI product line to ensure maximum functionality of their leaky feeder communications network.
  • Conversion of sites from analog to digital LMR networks to enhance operability
  • 24/7 support for all other needs


Both the quality of our products and the quality of our service have allowed us to continue to not only develop our relationship with the Vale Sudbury operations, but we are also now working on providing some of these same products and services to the Vale Thompson operations and the Vale Voisey’s Bay operations. We will continue to add to our service team as this business continues to grow and look forward to a long lasting relationship for many years to come.