Jannatec is a safety and communications supplier who has served the mining industry for more than 20 years. It is by leveraging this experience gained throughout the years that allows us to come up with unique solutions to the unique issues many operations face.


Jannatec has worked on creating several new innovations in mining, and one of these innovations in a product named  ORFI. (Optical to RF Interface) ORFI was initially geared towards segregating underground leaky feeder systems to ensure mine communications remained functioning if one area was affected. By leveraging ORFI, Jannatec was able to extend the signal from the repeater directly into the ‘Process Building’ and propagate a strong signal using radiating (leaky feeder) cable that was installed at strategic areas of the building that were selected after performing an audit and testing.


Jannatec continually prides ourselves on our ability to find and create solutions to communications issues that come with the territory of the mining business.

In this case study, one of our main clients was having issues with functioning communications between their processing plant and another surface building, and this situation needed to be resolved. It appeared that due to the metal Clad Structure of the ‘Process Building’, the radio waves from the main ‘Surface Plant’ radio repeater were unable to penetrate the metal structure of the ‘Process Building’ and therefore unable to provide the necessary RF coverage for the communications to function as necessary. A little ‘outside the box’ thinking goes a long way in this industry and this situation lent itself to just such a solution.


The client now has clear and reliable communications in the desired areas and have had no issues since the install over 4 years ago. This is a great demonstration on how Jannatec can leverage existing products and our experience to solve other client pain points and problems for our clients.


System benefits

  • Reduction of single point failure
  • Increased reliability
  • Easier maintenance & manageability
  • Reduced system noise floor
  • Expansion to remote surface location

Key Information

  • Intigrates with existing leaky feeder systems
  • 50MHz – 3GHz
  • Single SC/APC Cable
  • Custom Filtering