Jannatec has very long and rich history of providing safety and communications in the mining industry, and we like to think we help to provide the future of worker safety delivered today. We are extremely busy working with every mine in our own backyard, which is Sudbury, Ontario but we also have clients in other areas of Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Nunavut, British Columbia, Newfoundland and more. We have a long reach for a small company and that is in due in no small part to the dedication we take to ensure client satisfaction.

You don’t keep customers for decades if you do not have solid products, service and most importantly people and we pride ourselves in having the best in all these areas. Whether you need safety solutions such as collision avoidance proximity detection or communications products, lighting products, our newly available Smart Helmet or something custom to solve a unique need, our team will meet with you and discuss how we can solve your problems today but also work to ensure that we consider the problems and needs you may run into tomorrow.

At Jannatec we never, ever want to have a one-time sale. Jannatec’s goal is to provide the best – period and by doing so earn a client for life.

Products and services we offer the mining industry include but are not limited to:
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Proximity Detection (no they are not the same)
  • Radio and communications equipment
  • One-of-a-kind G3T Radio Cap Lamp
  • Cordless Cap Lamps
  • Leaky Feeder infrastructure
  • Leaky Feeder Audits, planning and installation
  • Custom built solutions
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