Clients have referred to us as a lighting company, a communications company, a mining supply company and more. While all of these labels are true, it is only by bringing them together with our vast experience that you can grasp who we truly are – problem solvers and solutions providers.

We want to hear your toughest challenges and tackle them with a transformation as well as a solution that empowers your organization for the needs of today and into tomorrow. We consider ourselves a true TEAM and our ultimate goal is inspiring our company, clients, and community toward a better, smarter and safer future.

Wayne Ablitt

As CEO of Jannatec Technologies, Wayne’s focus has always been to envision and foster growth in the mining community. With over a decade of experience with clients, Wayne takes great pride in overseeing and ensuring that all products and services are delivered and accepted by the mining community. His exceptional diligence in establishing a team that is continuously courteous, prompt, and efficient ensures that all of our products and services are of the highest quality of standards.
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Rey Boucher

– Vice President & COO
As the Vice President & COO of Jannatec Technologies, Rey brings over 25 years of experience in Mining, Robotics Communication, and Design. His expert skills in sales operations, marketing, and strategic planning allows him to continuously exceed the expectations of our company and clients. Rey persistently strives to develop innovative approaches to solving the most prominent client issues in the mining industry.
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Jason Buie

– Research & Development Manager
Jason has over 18 years of product development experience, 13 of which have been focused on mining. Past designs have been in the areas of GPS radio, DGPS receiver, RF antenna, low noise amplifier, collision avoidance systems, embedded controller, wireless protocol, RF transceiver and portable battery powered equipment design. Jason’s designs include the Jannatec Advanced Warning System(JAWS) proximity warning transceiver and protocol that aids in preventing vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-personnel collisions underground. Prior to joining Jannatec in 2004, Jason held design positions at Sigem, Mobile Knowledge and Wi-Sys Communications.
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Marc Brunet

-Sales Manager

Marc joined Jannatec Technologies mid 2019 as our business development representative. Born and raised in the Sudbury area, Marc has a good knowledge of the mining industry. After 30+ years, he enjoys his excursions to mine sites and surface operations while continuously growing his understanding of the industry. He is confident that technology innovations will provide many solutions that aid a wide variety of operations, improve their day to day procedures and safety processes. Marc seeks to improve his existing client relationships as well as assist in providing innovative solutions for potential new clients.
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Mark Burnett

– Project Manager

Mark joined the Jannatec team in 2015 bringing along nearly 10 years of experience in the mining industry. A wide skill set that includes Project Management, Business Analysis, Graphic Design helps him to deliver upon the high expectations of our client base. Mark takes great pride in meeting and exceeding expectations in order to build strong client relationships and looks forward to the challenge of earning and working with new clients.
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Quentin Jack

– Service Manager
Quentin joined the Jannatec team in 2010 as a Junior Technician and is currently the service manager of our great team of technicians. His wide range of skills and experience in industrial communication from Leaky feeder systems to Wi-fi, fiber optics and networks makes him a great asset to our team. Quentin takes pride in his ability to regularly assist clients over and above the call of duty.
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Jessica Moore

– Production Supervisor
Jessica joined the Jannatec team in 2010 as an Electronics Assembler and is currently our Production Supervisor. Her diploma in Electrical Techniques from Cambrian College and her vast knowledge and experience in the mining industry has allowed her to develop a large range of skills that are essential to our company. Jessica takes pride in her ability to oversee the entire manufacturing process from start to finish which includes managing the inventory, assisting in the assembly of all products, and ensuring our products are distributed to our customers efficiently. She is also our ISO Quality Manager and takes the necessary steps to ensure Jannatec’s policy of providing our customers with high-quality lighting and communications components is continuously met.
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Bridgette Plante

– Senior Account Manager

Having worked for over 10 years at Jannatec Technologies, and with extensive experience in the mining industry, Bridgette prides herself on her ability to manage some of our largest and key accounts. Her experience in the mining industry and the challenges that it brings has molded her into a noted professional capable of dealing with all obstacles thrown her way. Dependable, approachable, and attentive; Bridgette looks forward to the opportunity to build future relationships with potential clients.
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Sheila Robinson

– Operations Manager

Sheila has been a part of the Jannatec family for more than 7 years and brings a wealth of experience to our team.  She helps to keep things running smoothly in all areas of the business and provides valuable input on client relations, project direction and more.  Always looking to make sure things are done with both the best interests of Jannatec AND our clients in mind, Sheila leads by example via her positive attitude, optimistic outlook and dedication.   

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