The best ENSO SmartHelmet in mining safety technology

A must have in wearable smart mining technology solutions. Our ENSO Generation 1 Smart Helmet provides workers with a number of customizable features to ensure worker safety, assist with compliance and provide hands free communications capability.

Placed strategically in the design of a Hard Hat, the ENSO Generation 1 is tailored to each individual customer in industrious environments providing a variety of capabilities all in one product. High visibility leds, RFID tagging and many other new innovations to serve not only the mining industry but many other markets.

Cap Lamps for the future of mining safety

The ONE Cap Lamp

Jannatec’s affordable new cordless cap lamp. Re-designed shell and lithium polymer battery makes it half the weight of other mining safety technology cap lamp. One Cap is also available in the ONE-X , a premium product line that features a battery with cell-balancing technology for longer battery life for mining  technology solutions. The ONE features dependable Johnny Light characteristics combined with exciting new enhancements for mining safety technology.

The TWO GO Cap Lamp

Jannatec’s most simplified affordable cordless cap lamp. It features dependable cap lamp durability and improved brightness for mining safety.

The Johnny Light Series Radio Cap Lamps

Johnny Light, Canadian mining’s most popular Cap Lamp is ready to shine its light on the rest of the world’s mining industry. Proving to be the future of mining safety, Jannatec Technologies set out to revolutionize its battery pack with one thought in mind: to complete the creation of the World’s most user/friendly cap lamp system.